Democracy (translated from the Greek "people power") is a form of government in which decisions are not made by one person or a small group of people, and the majority of the population.Since many current solutions can not be taken by all the people, the society delegates selected their representatives certain powers.That election principal government posts, the adoption of the fundamental decisions for the government by a vote of the entire population and the rule of human rights and freedoms are the basis of most modern variants of democratic forms of government.

celebrated on September 15 International Day of Democracy provides an opportunity to a closer look to how human rights are respected in the various countries, the problems of democracy whic
h are currently the most acute.In many cities around the world are held to recall the values ​​of a democratic world order and that to some serious consequences resulting in violations.

For the International Day of Democracy held in conjunction with various political actions, in many cases carried out the opposition parties do not agree with the activities of the existing authorities.They have an opportunity to once again express their demands, to point out the shortcomings of the existing political system.In particular, the Russian opposition is going to hold September 15, 2012 mass protest in which, according to the organizers, will be attended by more than 300 thousand people.

for the current government, of whatever country in the world is not in question, the existence of the day democracy is more than a reminder of the need to strictly observe and protect democratic values, promptly address the identified shortcomings, by all means promote democracy in the world.