Man, which is part of the local government has the right to apply for the position of mayor, but to take it, he will be a candidate to take part in the election campaign and get the support of the majority of voters of the municipality.

According to a State Duma deputy from the party "United Russia", Chairman of the All-Russian Council of local government Vyacheslav Timchenko, is a useful and necessary initiative, which is certainly in the future will be supported by the deputies.Of course, the return of direct elections of heads of mayors will not solve all the accumulated problems, but will contribute to the real development of local government, increasing the activity of citizens and their participation in solving everyday pressing issues.For now
, some citizens of this position: "I did not elect our mayor, I affect it can not get from me depends nothing."With the return of direct elections of mayors of the situation should change.

Vyacheslav Timchenko stressed that the bill does not involve a standard, generic treatment of any and all municipalities of the Russian Federation.After all municipalities in this vast country are very different from each other, and by area, and climatic conditions, and population.Therefore, what is good and useful for one, may not be at all a bad one for the other.

bill provides a certain "freedom of maneuver" for each municipality.For example, the mayor won the elections may become the head of the administration, concentrating in their hands all the power.But it is not ruled out another option, for example, if the city has successfully led the Institute of city managers, the mayor of the winning can leave him all the economic powers at the same time leading the representative body of the municipality.This depends on charter of each individual municipality.Also in the powers of municipalities will include the election of the Chairman of the Control and Audit Body.