loquacious interlocutor is very difficult to interrupt, but in a polite question, "How are you?" He says glibly own events of the past 10 years in all colors.We have to listen to a long story, which is quite embarrassing to interrupt, so as not to offend people.If this chance encounter, it is enough just to look at a watch or ask the interlocutor, "What time is it?", Making it clear that the time for you to end the conversation and run on about his business.
Another common method.Wait until the end of the sentence the person or pause in the conversation, and apologize, citing urgent business, quickly say goodbye to a man.
If the conversation was for you interesting and im
portant, and to interrupt the conversation is still required by the circumstances, expressed regret and offered to meet at a more convenient time for both of you.Do not forget to thank you for the interesting conversation.
In a situation where you come uninvited guests, even on the verge explain to them that they have a half an hour, after which you'll have to say goodbye.This business approach is unlikely to offend anyone, but on the contrary, will make guests disciplined and will not leave embarrassing situations when you have to hint at their employment, to show the door to them.
If you wish to interrupt a phone conversation, make it a little easier.On the phone you can slukavit and, referring to guests, or stop talking to apologize and tell him that someone from the home phone is required.What matters is that your explanation does not look rough and implausible.
The office phone calls to get away from an unpleasant conversation, you can use "communication problems."If you lose catastrophically during the conversation on the phone, unless you are prepared to answer tough questions of the client, if you have urgent business, asking the interlocutor to call back as you hear some noise on the line.After several attempts to connect to a phone conversation to be postponed to another moment.
Finally, the rules of etiquette are comparable to the end of the conversation, "lies in the good" if your interlocutor lacks tact and ingenuity understand your silent calls.You can, of course, directly to interrupt any conversation, saying forehead interlocutor that exhausted the discussion, you unpleasant to chat and talk more about.Thus, you only configure individual against any contact with you and undeservedly offend him.Therefore, do not neglect the right tricks and tricks to stop prolonged conversation.