Out of the subsistence minimum

first thing in Russia can be considered a wealthy man who walked away from the minimum subsistence level of living.If according to the law, the cost of living per capita is 8,000 rubles a month, then every person receives in a month more than 8,000 rubles, may be regarded as a person living in abundance.

Perhaps this is the irony, but in fact one or two hundred rubles per month in excess of the standards can officially turn the unprotected unit of society from poor to wealthy.On the one hand, some 100 official rubles salary may downplay the unpleasant man to the rank - the poor, on the other hand, the same miserable $ 100 in wages in excess of the limit on the cost of living is automatically deprived of government benefits.


However, it was only a philosophical and no
rmative-legal reasoning.The real people who live in prosperity, it is necessary to take those who can afford anything afford.For example, to buy the products that are vital, useful and without doubt, the lack of advanced nutritional supplements, soy or preservatives.

If a person can afford to buy healthy food, it can be considered sufficiently secured.

Sometimes rest

When a person can afford once a year to go on vacation (in this case, there is no view of the village to the grandmother or your own cottage), then the family can truly be called wealthy.

If people are living in abundance, they can afford trips to the cafe, cinema, theater.The program refers to their cultural holiday and leisure activities, and life is not limited within the salary and up.Wealthy families are able to set aside at least a small amount in the near future.

possibility of planning for the future

plan their own future is possible in cases of stable and reasonable level of income.The man who believes in the future, its stable earnings, can call himself a man living in abundance.

He knows what his plans for the future and I am sure that will be able to implement them.At least wealthy person does not need to worry about your goals for the future financial perspective.He is able to afford the luxury of a near future event planning, and has no need to be afraid of every little thing from the outside, which can rip all the carefully prepared plans.