Being a historical form of organization of society, the state of its formation and development is based on the joint efforts of many people.It can not create the sole ruler or disparate social groups.Since society exists only on the basis of long-term objectives, it needs a specific management structure, which is characteristic of the division of functions.Such a structure becomes a state.
States unite their fellow citizens under a single central authority that coordinates the many and often conflicting interests of individual members of society and social groups.The elements and mechanisms of state control in the course of historical development stand out from the society and its structures, and then become th
e foundation which carries out the functions of power.
authority that implements the state, is the main force in the community, aimed at the organization of individual and collective action.The state of people living within the same historical era.Action is subject to the political power of the territorial principle: the state extends its influence only to a certain, well-defined territory.Protecting Borders - one of the functions of the state.
society is not homogeneous.There are a variety of organizations that bring people together.These include political parties, public associations and creative, social institutions, and business structure.The activities of all these entities in one way or another directed, supported and controlled by the state.In some cases, to perform their functions State applies to other social structures of coercion.
One of the functions of government is to represent the interests of society in the international arena.Other non-governmental organizations, of course, have the opportunity to act outside the territory of their country, and to establish international contacts, but the likes of official functions, they do not possess.
in developed and strong state of its structure are the only force that has all the power.Expressing the interests of the well-defined social groups, the state is trying to become the mouthpiece of the desires and requirements of all members of society without exception.The most power to sustain the balance of interests is not always possible, so the public is increasingly emerging trends aimed at strengthening public control over the state machinery and its individual institutions.