Try to answer a joke.This will give the other party to understand that it does not consider the issue seriously.The man, who decided to put you in an embarrassing situation, feel insecure.Uncomfortable will ask, do not you.The interlocutor is no longer annoy you similar questions.This method is most effective when you are in the company.
Never respond to tactless questions with irritation or aggression.This would be considered an indicator of weakness and inability to adequately respond.Confusion is also not a good response, the caller may think that you have any complexes.Ignore the issue - not the best option, do not get answers people ask him again.
find ironic answer.Your words should not be offensive to the interlocutor, but he must understand th
at his question tactless and inappropriate.Try to confuse the questioner, remember jokes.Then you will have the reputation of a man with a sharp mind.
tactless question can be regarded as a template, coming from unfamiliar person, such as "How are you?".This phrase indicates that the interviewee wants to continue the conversation, but does not want to come up with an interesting topic.Answer a question with a question.So you go to answer, or even begin to discuss other topics.
not respond honestly and openly on impolite questions.This will lead to the fact that you discuss your life with an unpleasant companion.Turn on the subject of the questioner, ask him the same as or similar to another question.Interlocutor embarrassed and will not ask more of you.
Remember, you do not have to answer questions tactless.Tell me what you do not intend to discuss this topic.To interlocutor quickly lost interest in this conversation, zateyte emotional story was not on.For example, the question "When you get married / get married?" Answer story about his "love" horoscope.