How to choose flowers

Once the language of flowers it was possible to keep the whole dialogue - quarrel, a declaration of love, to forgive, and even threatening.In today's world of this "alphabet of passion" were only the most general outlines.Thus, in scarlet, lush roses firmly entrenched title character of passion, and for fragrant white lilies - innocence.The brighter the color of flowers, what they are luxuriant, the more weight should be an occasion for presenting them.The exceptions are the wedding and the birth of a child - for these holidays t

aken to bring flowers delicate shades, with a delicate flavor and low on the stem.

men give flowers tall, with large inflorescences, such as roses, calla lilies, lilies, orchids, gladioli and irises.Primroses and wild flowers - a gift of intimate, for her, as well as very low bouquets of pansies, daisies, violets, asters.Flowers in pots are also reserved for friends and relatives.If you want to have a bunch pleased as far as possible the person to whom you are giving him and thus require minimal care - giving baskets, in which the flowers are placed in a special moss.

choosing flowers for a meeting, consider where you're going to go with his beloved.If you are going to spend time at home, the big bouquet would be appropriate, but a walk through the city, sit in the theater, dining in a restaurant with such a gift can be extremely uncomfortable.In such cases, more relevant small, compact rosette.

How many flowers in the bouquet to be

generally known to many that the bouquet should be an even number of flowers - surprise - not the rule.Wishing to give three, five, seven and so on in a bouquet of flowers is rather connected with superstition, common only in European countries, superstition dictates to avoid the number thirteen, although it is odd.

Etiquette stick to an odd number of flowers is only if they at least twelve dozen.The reverse is true for the funeral you can send a bouquet of an even number of colors, or any, if more than a dozen colors.Etiquette dictates a flower to give only the most intimate friends and acquaintances, as it was not this exotic and luxurious gift.

Give flowers whether man

some reason there is a perception that men give when they are not actors, the flowers are not accepted.This is not true.Etiquette is simply more tightly regulates the occasions on which you can bestow upon a bunch of boys.On the anniversary, in honor of a significant personal achievements, such as the award, awards, publication of the book, a movie or a play, public speaking, it would be appropriate to present a bouquet and a man.

It should be saturated colors, noble colors, on high legs.Lately it has become fashionable to give men or sunflower yellow chrysanthemums.These colors correspond to the requirements of etiquette, and in addition, it is inherent in a color that is now associated not with treason and tear, and with prosperity, luck and riches.

How to give flowers

What colors presented without packaging, is considered common knowledge.Only the rule of etiquette was introduced long before as they were invented by a variety of bright and comfortable packaging, decorated with ribbons, bows, bright prints.If packed bouquet florist, you should leave all the "decorations", if you just put it in a convenient package, albeit with a bright border or mirror effect, such polyethylene should be removed.

If you give flowers to the public or creators - bouquets are presented after the speech, meeting.Throwing flowers on stage - a bad tone.Innovation, firmly ensconced in modern etiquette, "flower" requests that should be followed.For example, the bride and groom, inviting to the wedding can make a postscript on the "color" of the wedding.Adopted not only pick up the toilets following the specified range, but also bring bouquets, sustained in the same colors.

inappropriate flowers come in maternity wards, and, oddly enough, at the funeral.Women in childbirth is better to send flowers home, and some relatives of the deceased instead of flowers sometimes asked to transfer money to certain charities.