you need
  • computer with Internet access, a textbook on political science.
word "demagoguery" rampant with the society, but its true value is not well known.From the Greek word translated as "lead nation".In fact, this oratory, consisting of polemical techniques that are aimed at misleading the audience in order to persuade her to his side.Often demagogy used in advertising, as well as in politics and propaganda.
demagogy - it's the same lie, but because the fraud is based on psychology, it is often the result of complete trust the speaker.Demagogues can do so that the audience itself will come to the right conclusions.She rights, his words - the truth.Even the most critical audience under the influence of experienced and talented broadcaster becomes loyal and ready to believe the most absurd arguments and fac
deliberately concealed the negative aspects of a process also serves as a hallmark of demagoguery.Thus, politicians often hold back certain problems in a particular area, exposing parading a success.Or, he said problems in a certain direction, but fails to mention that this decline occurred as a result of his policies.
Often during press conferences demagogue politician responsible at all on the question that was asked.Sometimes also used this strategy: Guest says long, difficult, resulting in a variety of situations as an example and testing the patience of the audience as long as it is not interrupted.The audience in this case is usually forgets what was discussed and set new questions.Another hallmark of demagoguery is the recognition of minor bugs and further repentance.However, to recognize the larger mistakes and ask for their forgiveness demagogue politician refuses.
often skillful demagogues mix lies with the truth.This requires special abilities as easy to get confused when answering the accompanying questions.Sometimes it takes aggressive forms of demagoguery when a course there are techniques such as physical abuse, insults, false accusations, and anything just to avoid direct answers to questions.
thus recognize the demagogy of politics is possible by excessive emotionality speech recognition errors and minor at first glance, sincere repentance.Too long and filled with feelings of speech make an impression on the audience more than the bare facts.Therefore demagoguery will be used as long as people do not learn to distinguish the truth from a desire to mislead.