Hillary Clinton faced sharp public criticism in his address, when I came to Egypt for the first time since President Muhammad Mursi has become Islamist.Former her visits were more successful.Clinton threw tomatoes after her speech during the official opening of the US consulate in Alexandria.Clinton talks about democratic freedoms and urged Egyptians to develop them, gradually changing their views and learning from the experiences of other, more developed countries.

arrival of Hillary Clinton in Egypt has been sharply condemned by opponents of the Islamist movement "Muslim Brotherhood", whose leader became the new president.The arrival of US Secretary of State was welcomed by the Egyptians as an open US intervention in the internal affairs of their country, and Clinton speech in
defense of democracy was the last straw that broke the patience.

Surrounding motorcade drove Hillary, the demonstrators were shouting "Get out!" And "Monica, Monica!", Recalling that the former US president and husband of Clinton cheated on his wife with an intern in the White House, which was the reason for the terrible scandal.The cars hurled tomatoes, though one of them was in the face of Egyptian officials.The demonstrators claimed that it helped America leader "of the Muslim Brotherhood" to come to power and shouted insulting phrases addressed to representatives of Islam.

Among people throw tomatoes at Hillary Clinton is likely there were many supporters of the ousted Islamist President Hosni Mubarak.Throwing tomatoes and especially shoes - a sign of the highest contempt and hatred, as well as a way to insult.He became especially popular after the 2008 Journalist al-Zaidi threw shoes at Bush.Because express all their claims in the face of US Secretary of State among ordinary Egyptians, there was no way they expressed their attitude otherwise.