Think about how often you have been denied many times you have done through the power of what you do not like.Many are beginning to use other people, just being aware of their reliability.Tune in to these thoughts and realize that you do not have to, and no one can in good conscience say "no."Be aware that by refusing to people you do better for themselves.
Refuse politely but firmly.The tone should not be sorry, guilty or ingratiating notes.Keep confidence in his voice that the source could not grasp your slack.To smooth hardness accompany refusal soft smile.
Explain your fault.Sometimes a simple word "no" is not enough to convince persistent companion.Add the reason why you can not go to meet him.Do not make excuses, sa
ying quietly, simply explaining the man his employment.
Express the uncertainty in the forces.If you are asked to do extra work or, for example, help in repair, tell them you can not handle.Pretend not good at these things, afraid to make a mistake and learn from it for too long.
tell me what to think, and then discard.If you find it difficult to tell the person in the eye, "not" pretend that you hesitate, and you need time to think.After a while, but not too late to call and tell me what you do not get him help.
offer an alternative.Try to think of who else can help your friend in solving its problems.Ask the other party to apply to the other person, who is versed in the relevant matters or not so busy affairs.
Do not fall for flattery and attempts to manipulate you.Compliments about your abilities and skills by asking - just a way to get you to do what he wants.Keep this in mind, thank you for the nice words, but remain at its decision.The interviewer may try to put pressure on the pity show annoyance or offense, trying to manipulate you, but do not give up and stand firm.