as the ability, moral qualities, habits and desires all people are different, it is the power of the connecting factor in ensuring sustainable existence of the society, the work of all its institutions.Without it, there will come quickly anarchy rough arbitrariness and lawlessness, which will celebrate the right of the strong.Political power - the ability of a social class, a group of social movement to subordinate all of society to his will, to make observe the legal rules that appear to be in this group (the motion).
In a democratic society the power structures are trying to establish and abide by the rule of law, the relevant needs and interests of the dominant mass of the population.Although this is not always possible to achieve, for different reasons.In autocratic and totalitarian
society, the more often set legal standards that benefit only a narrow layer of the ruling elite.
main feature of political power - a monopoly on violence.That is, only government agencies operating in the clear limits of the law can deprive people of their liberty, shall be punished for their crimes, to resort to force to restore order, combating anti-social activities, etc.Although individuals and in some cases also have the right to defend themselves, their property and others, including the use of weapons.
Political power plays the role of an arbitrator, the arbitrator, if there are misunderstandings, conflicts between different groups of people, for example, because of religious, ethnic or economic differences.It must ensure the highest possible stability in the society and to extinguish such conflicts in the bud, preventing them from flaring up.In an emergency, the political authorities should not hesitate to resort to strict measures to restore order and calm.Failure to do so can have serious consequences.
Political power is divided into two main components: the state and the public.State power belongs to the senior official (president, monarch), as well as government, parliament, the judiciary, law enforcement agencies (army, police).Public power is formed by political parties and public organizations, as well as the media.