you need
  • - neat clothes strict;
  • - comfortable shoes;
  • - scarf for women.
Pick modest closed decent clothes.Of course, it should be clean and ironed, neat.For menswear claims less.But even in the heat can not come to church in shorts, T-shirt-alcoholic and unbuttoned shirt.
not look very good in the church an abundance of ornaments and jewelry.This applies to both women and men.The fair sex should cover her head with a scarf or handkerchief.
can not wear miniskirts and short dresses, tight clothes much stretch.Women can not come to church in jeans, shorts and pants.Do not apply bright makeup, especially on the lips.Use perfume and toilet water is also impossible.
may seem that the temple should be put on a long gray or bla
ck mantle.But it is not so!Clothing for visiting the church can be beautiful and stylish.After all, people usually visit the temples in the days of holiday services, to listen to the solemn service.A holiday would like to be dressed smartly.
you can pick up a dress or suit correctly cut.Clothing may be embroidered by some national ornament or beautiful lace.To close the hair, use a silk stole gas or scarf, hat or beret.
Shoes choose to steady heel or platform, for some services last long and at this time you will need to stand.To do this, you need not only spiritual but also physical strength.
good fit long summer sundress in an ethnic style.Before entering the temple throw with the head and shoulders of a long scarf.You can use bright "Gypsy" and a bolero shawl to cover her shoulders.
winter, make sure that you do not have to become ill in the room with lots of people.Do not wear very warm, close and tightening things.Heavy or long sheepskin coat will tire the muscles of the shoulders and not give dostoyat until the end of service.