Friendly large family, "Azg", with a strict hierarchy - constant component of the Armenian society.Reverence and respect for elders, each child takes over from childhood, watching the relationship of all family members.So, each clearly knows and performs its duties.

Armenian families ("ojah" - focus) senior constantly take care of younger and younger sincerely respect their elders.Such solidarity is observed not only in a particular genus, but also among people in general.Wherever Armenians threw twists of fate, they will always find a fellow and will maintain strong ties.


second national peculiarity of the Armenian people - "tasib" - inexhaustible generosity and hospitality.Despite his
temper and temperament, Armenians hospitable hosts.Regardless of the status of the guest, it will surround him due attention and honors.Everyone is happy to give blood or provide accommodation.Covering a rich table, put up the best food, and if the welfare of the family does not allow it, will come to the aid of sympathetic neighbors.Offering food, usually say: "eat bread", instead of the usual "go to lunch."


When meeting Armenians say "Barev dzez!" - "Hello."Or "Barev ses Argel!" Where "Argel" - "dear."But more likely to use its abbreviated form: "Barev" or "vohdzhuyn" - "hello" and "vontses?" - "How are you?" Or "Barev vontses?" - "Hello, how are you?".

between close friends and there is an "Vontses Ahper jan ?!" - "How are you brother?" Or "Vontses Quirico jan ?!" - "How are you little sister ?!".

welcoming girl friend, sometimes say: "Vontses Siryun dzhyan!", Where "siryun" means "beautiful".Turning to the child, adults usually say "Barev ahchik jan" or "Barev TGA jan" where "ahchik" - "girl" and "TGA" - "boy."

form of greeting also varies depending on the time of day.Morning greeting sounds like "Bari Luys", where "Luis" - is light.During the day you can hear the phrase "barium op" - reminiscent of our "good day."Having met at sunset, saying, "EREC barium."

After greeting the Armenian phrases will inquire: "Inch ka ovary?", In rough translation - "what news, what's new?".And not only show a modest keen interest in what you say, but will ask all members of your family.And only after that proceed to delicately discuss their questions and express his request, if he holds.