Ask questions.This type of reaction is suitable for unjustified criticism.Ask what means the person that hit you stream of expletives.Ask him to make, if possible, all available to you claim;Find out exactly what is so terrible you did to him.In this case, the irascible critic lost because you expect from a very different reaction.Questions help a person stop and obey the emotions become more rational.Thus, you can move to a constructive dialogue.
not ignore.In this case, the silence is not gold.First, you accumulate a negative emotions, which can then be splashed on your loved ones.Second, this tactic of non-resistance is often more annoying instigator of the conflict, so it is inefficient to use in practice.
Do not succumb to provocatio
ns and not justified.People do not like to hear excuses.And if you're making excuses, then admitted his guilt (which may or not), and humbles himself.Better to save our dignity, clearly and politely proving his position.
accept only that part of the criticism, with which you disagree, and the rest do not pay attention.Forget about using the conflict of the word "no", because it is - the detonator further conflict.While agreeing with the opponent, you will demonstrate confidence and calm the interlocutor.