It sounds paradoxical, but with the development of democratic processes in society, designed to protect the freedom of citizens (primarily freedom of choice and freedom of expression), the media become a powerful tool for limiting these very freedoms.
reason for this phenomenon is the ever-increasing role of the media in the political struggle.Because the current situation they have an enormous impact on the consciousness of the masses and the formation of public opinion.Each of the subjects of politics, whether it's government, political parties and independent politicians, most tend to subjugate the media to make them an instrument of its policy.
Conditionally all media can be divided into
dependent and independent.On the political orientation of the media-dependent simple enough.They do not hide their involvement and, for example, in the print media in its output data clearly indicate the name of their owner - the state bodies, political parties, etc.The country's democratic development, they do not have too much impact on the political consciousness of the masses, of course, if it does not state television.
But the so-called independent media is much more complicated.Despite the fact that those can not be a priori, a huge number of publications and the media have positioned themselves just as independent.Although, in fact, and then not always, they can only guarantee its independence from the government.
These media are usually the main instrument in the struggle for political consciousness of the masses.And when used, as a rule, methods of infighting.
In the midst of political battles, the media lose their impartiality in the evaluation of certain events.They form their favorable communication strategies, using the rules and methods manipuric type.
becoming the service of a political movement, the media use various methods of manipulating public consciousness.It may be a harmless concealment of any information and compromising stuffing and outright fraud.
Realizing the tremendous opportunities of media on electoral audience, politicians are tough fight for influence over certain media.So now, unfortunately, in the political struggle often wins not the politician, who has the best election program, and the one who most skillfully managed to harness the power of the media.