There are special companies that are engaged in transportation of the body of the deceased in any desired city in the country or abroad.Such movements are called "cargo 200".To carry the deceased can be by plane, train or special vehicles.


most affordable means of transport considered vehicles, as in this case there is a need to collect a lot of documents and obtain an export permit for the body to another city.As a rule, it ordered a hearse, which is equipped with mounts for a coffin, and also has the ability to take two accompanying persons. to conclude the contract of transportation require a death certificate, and - preferably - a document confirming kinship with the deceased.


If the distance is too great, you can use the services
of air transport.This is a very fast form of transportation, but it is one of the most expensive.The cost of transportation from the place of death to the place of burial is about 20,000 rubles.In this case, you have to buy a zinc coffin, which will ensure the preservation of the body of the deceased.It must be sealed and lined with metal.The coffin was placed in a special box made of wood, and the free space in a box filled with sawdust.

In addition to this it will be necessary to collect the documents, which includes help for the dead, as well as permission for the transportation.In some cases, it is necessary to accompany the coffin.To transport the deceased used both freight and passenger aircraft, where the coffin is placed in the luggage compartment.Transportation is carried out so that the passengers of the aircraft will not know. death of a loved one - a terrible event.Ominously it may just be that the deceased person is away from his family.However, there are companies that will not only help in transportation, but will understand the wishes of the family.

Rail transportation

In the case of transportation of the deceased train is also necessary to collect all the documents that at aviatransportirovke.But we need to consider in advance that in a train must include the wagon with luggage or mail, as it is in these cars are placed coffins.The coffin must be accompanied by a trusted person.In order to carry the coffin from the mortuary to the train, and the train to the place of burial, require specialized machine-hearse, which can be ordered at the firm engaged in ritual services.The cost of transporting the dead on the train is about 5,000 rubles.