Behave to survive.One of the main advantages is considered a gentleman's ability to control his emotions.Even if the person takes you out of yourself, do not show their anger, try to resolve the conflict with the help of argument capable of persuading.However, if someone offends you or loved ones, you should be able to defend themselves with dignity.There are situations in which diplomacy leads to the proper result.
Learn to always maintain a conversation.If you are not familiar with the topic of conversation, ask questions comprehensive interlocutor.Through this, you will pleas
e the person that listened to him, and enrich themselves with new knowledge.However, try to correspond to the society in which and are constantly evolving, reading informative literature and browsing interesting news.
gentleman should behave honorably.Never stoop to the juicy details of discussions someone else's life, not gossip and try to give an impartial opinion.It is important to be treated fairly and enemies, and to their loved ones.In any conflict situation has always stood up for the weaker opponent.It is ugly, when a man screaming on the elderly, women or children.Do not allow yourself to like and try to reason with others.
determine for themselves the rules of communication with women.Never distribute details of his sex life, even if they relate to women, who have played in your life only occasional significance.Politely take care of his companion.Any output to the public, to the restaurant, theater or cinema, pay the lady, if it is not contrary to its beliefs.Do not grieve and do not lift a hand on a woman.Always remember that you are not only a gentleman, but a strong man.
monitor their appearance and wardrobe.Even if you can not boast elegant haute couture costumes, try to look at every situation carefully, wear only clean clothes and shoes, periodically visit the barber.Do not forget how to look your hands.Gentleman is not forgivable to have dirty fingernails.Use nail scissors and nail file.