Gay is considered the marriage of two persons of the same sex.In contrast to the simple living together, this kind of interaction gives men and women enter into a relationship, full access to the rights and duties vested in persons who are representatives of the classical canons of husbands and wives.Interestingly, that the fight against sexual minorities for their interests began only in the second half of the 20th century.Then gays and lesbians around the world raised the question of the legalization of same-sex unions, this has led to a revision of the legislation of a number of advanced countries.

loyalty and legitimacy

in 1979 the Netherlands became the first country in which men and women managed to enter into official relations regist
ered.Such couples even endowed with certain rights inherent to ordinary families.Later in the race for the same-sex marriage entered countries such as Belgium, South Africa, Spain, Canada.Homosexuals have been entitled to the joint management of finances and household, were granted the right to inheritance and could even enter the church associations.They were also given the right to enter into a relationship with 18 and qualify for the adoption of children.

In Canada, for example, acted most loyal laws related to marriage between persons of male and female, who may not be resident or living in the country, but you were invited to become full citizens of the state in order to encourage the newly formed evennot a typical family to live together under the protection of the laws of the American States. In Spain, despite the outrage and stiff opposition of the Catholic Church, souped husbands and wives even allowed to apply for adoption.

modern development of the institution of marriage

Today, worldwide, there are 15 world countries where such marriages are legal and are the norm.In five states, such unions have received a partial distribution.These countries include Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Argentina, Iceland, Denmark, Brazil, New Zealand, Uruguay and, of course, France.Surprisingly, even a country with a classic look and foundations - United Kingdom - agreed to the official registration of such relationships, and since March 2014 has transferred the status of same-sex unions in the category of official. soon joined the list Scotland, a bill on the registration of same-sex marriages to come into this country since the fall of this year. than a decade trying to resolve such unconventional marriages in Israel.