direct eye contact from time immemorial played a definite role: it symbolizes aggression, the willingness to try to force.Even among animals, when measures, such a view is akin to an immediate challenge to a duel.So you should think carefully before unblinking eyes staring into the eyes of the interlocutor.After all, it can be seen as rudeness, bad manners.In addition, sensitive, impressionable man this view may simply confuse, cause to feel insecure, awkward, in a word, at mend his obvious discomfort.On the other hand, when a person persistently avoids eye contact the other party, it may be an indication of his duplicity, the desire to hide something, to mislead."Hides his eyes, then, he wants to deceive!" - Such a rule is also known for a long time.How to be?Your beha
vior should depend on many factors: who is your partner, how important is your relationship with him, what is the nature of your meetings, discussions, etc.On at measures you are dealing with a business partner, a random neighbor on the train, in a state institution employees, customers, contact your company.In short, your communication, albeit friendly, is clearly not a friendly nature, it implies a certain restraint.In this case, you'd better look at his face, trying to at this avoid direct eye contact.That is, of course, you can meet his eyes, but just for a second or two, and then again take my eyes a little bit to the side.By doing this you will demonstrate the attention and respect for the man and put him in an awkward position.If you are talking to a familiar person, and your conversation takes place in a warm, friendly (friendly) atmosphere, you can look at a wider area, not limited to the face, as well as grabbing the neck and upper chest.It at give your conversation more relaxed, not at Needing character.Well, if you're dealing with a person of the opposite sex that you have a very at attracts ( at than not only spiritually but also in the intimate sense of the word), then you can let your gaze casually slip literally all over his body.Of course, try to still not very clearly show it, especially if the meeting takes place in a public place.Remember the wise rule: "Everything is good in moderation," Do not compromise himself or his companion.