nature and behavior

basis of the human soul - the nature of which is shown in human behavior.What he was in previous generations of girls and what is known about their demeanor?

Femininity - quality, which simply had to have every socialite lady.Now this is quite a rare trait among young girls.There was widespread sports that do not quite match the girl's nature: women's wrestling, fencing, weightlifting, football.Who knows, maybe this is the pros for the fairer sex.For example, the opportunity and the ability to defend themselves from attacks by malicious users.But, as said Coco Chanel, a woman - this is not the weaker sex, the weaker sex - it is rotten boards.Girls are of the fair sex.This means that their function is completely different, and not in the ability to fight, raise the ba
r to kick the ball.

Pride once manifested itself in all the activities of women: the ability to present yourself, gait, speech.But do not confuse this with arrogance quality: conceited little people who truly respects, and these women are so attracted to him and gave tribute to the attitude of the society.Is the situation with today's female half of the population?Unfortunately, many of today's girls do not know what pride.

Honor had to have not only a valiant knights and ladies of the female sex.They had their own code of honor, which was to restraint, modesty and chastity.For married women - in absolute fidelity to her husband.Violation of these laws led to shame, to return the good name after this desecration was virtually impossible.And in today's society it is considered as the maximum error.It has become the norm often change partners.

hobby, lifestyle

where a new generation of reproach especially not for anything.Then we spend free time for a walk in the gardens, at the balls and the books, but now these classes are replaced by trips to the shopping and entertainment centers, discos and passion for new technologies.Modern women have the opportunity to spend their leisure time as they want, and this is their advantage.


Speaking about the difference between these two generations of girls, not to mention external differences.They can describe the scheme "yesterday-today┬╗:

- luxurious dress - a simple and comfortable style;
- elaborate hairstyles - total freedom;
- fan - clutch Handbags.

That such changes have occurred over two hundred years.For better or worse - can not be determined uniquely, but the beauty and grace of the young ladies of the era impossible not to admire, they are impossible to forget.At the same time, we can not give credit to the girls present - their self-reliance and self-sufficiency.