C in 2012 increased penalties for the destruction of the rare endangered plants which are listed as endangered.Moreover, the Ministry of Natural Resources staff will be punished not only sellers of spring flowers, but also buyers.For one ripped the plant - 300 rubles, but this amount may be increased up to 900 rubles, if you traded primroses or bought them.
Operation "Primrose" runs until 15 May.At that time, employees of the Ministry of Natural Resources patrol the recreational markets
and on weekends.But the main purpose of this action - to bring home to people the fact that these beautiful spring plants are on the verge of extinction because of the levity and the greed of people.
If you see other campers collected bunches of primroses, talk to them, convince regret nature preserve it for posterity.Finding no understanding among the violators, call and report the facts to the collection or sale of rare plants in the internal affairs bodies.
Print new penalties for the sale, purchase and transport of primroses LAYOUT these ads at bus stops and markets.People prefer to buy a bouquet of flowers in the shop than to answer under the law for the purchase of plants listed in the Red Book.
Call a local radio station and tell us about the problem of the protection of primroses.Sympathetic nature leading to the flowering season will be regularly telling listeners about the dangers of the collection of rare plants.
At the same time, the teacher should tell students about the dangers of the merciless treatment of nature.This information should help the activists of the movement "green" to protect rare plant species.It should be through children to influence the consciousness of parents, build up their idea that quality of life depends on the condition of the nature of the Earth.
Rare fragile spring flowers are good in the natural environment.Enjoy them on the edge of the forest, take high-quality photos with dew drops on transparent petals.Cards with flowers etched on them, you can see any day any time of year, one look at them is enough to recall the scent of lily of the valley or the unique transparency of snowdrop.