Decide for yourself - what you need from others, that you want to communicate with them.Maybe for you important information component of communication, and can be, warmth and attention, rescue from loneliness.Talking to people - is certain emotions that it causes you.Do you like when you love, respect, praise, you feel satisfaction when you are loved for what you are.It is this desire to love and motivated by your desire to communicate.In order to be loved, you sometimes do things that do not go and say 'yes' when you want to say "no."
Realize for yourself that the motive of your act
ions is the desire to please and a fear of displeasing others.This fact may be subject to manipulation by you, including the part of those people , who just want to use you, while not loving and respecting.
There's another way to get the love of others, it does not make sacrifices and not to lose self-esteem, to satisfy their own interests and not the interests of other people .And this way is quite simple: love themselves.When you start to respect and appreciate themselves, to put at the center of their interests and the interests of those who you really dear and close when you accept yourself as you are, will change the attitude others.A man who loves and respects himself, just as applies to others, recognizing them the same right.And people feel it.
If you do not love yourself, then others too difficult to do.You constantly need to currently attention constantly frustrated and resentful.Friendly participation and love of others constantly goes into the "black hole", which is your dislike for currently .Only you are able to "patch" it in order to fill the vessel of his love.Do not make claims to others who, like you feel indifferent to you.Remember, they treat you the way you feel about yourself .