procession of the opposition has been agreed in advance with the authorities.Putin's reforms Disgruntled people with placards, flags and banners marched from Pushkin Square to Sakharov Prospect.Organizers of the march - the blogger Alexei Navalny, a leader of the "Left Front" Sergei Udaltsov, journalist Olga Romanova, Garry Kasparov, Sergei Parkhomenko and other prominent opposition leaders - called for his supporters to gather on Pushkin Square in the hour of the day.However, the people began to be tightened further to 11 hours, despite the thickening clouds in the sky.

the liberals of the civil group "Solidarity" and the activist "Left Front" joined
the nationalists and anarchists.Many carried signs in support of «Pussy Riot».At 14:30 Moscow time on Sakharov Avenue started a rally, which was addressed by Sergei Udaltsov (despite the summons for questioning in the Investigation Committee), Boris Nemtsov, Ilya Ponomarev, Dmitry Bykov, Mikhail Kasyanov, Gennady Gudkov and other opponents of the Putin government.Most speakers demanded the release of members of the opposition action on May 6 caught behind the bars of a collision with the guardians of law and order.The opposition did not call for a revolution, but a peaceful demanded the resignation of the government, the President and of the new, fair elections.

After the speeches, the speakers on the stage began a rock concert, but the majority of participants preferred to go home to take shelter from the pouring rain.According to the organizers of the "March of Millions" came about 120 000 people.However, the police assess the extent of the action is much more modest - about 18 thousand people.In general, a protest against the government took place quite peacefully and without provocation by the authorities or the radical wing of the opposition.

president's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, praised held protest, noting that similar marches indicate the origin of a new political culture in the country.