inscription rip - an acronym which stands for Rest in Peace, which translated means "rest in peace".


originally coined the expression Catholics and Protestants, using the Latin requiescat in pace, which literally means "let rest in peace."Later came the English version rest in peace.The expression is found in the obituaries, on gravestones and at the mention of the recently deceased in the western Christian culture.The phrase is the end of the prayers of the deceased to rest in peace in anticipation of the Day of Judgment.In writing, as a rule, used a variant RIPinstead of the rip.


Gamers often use the word rip as a synonym for the word "dead."
Nowadays the cases of the use of abbreviations rip with or without.This is due to the widespread prevalence of social networks and the fact that young people loo
k up to foreign colleagues.In America and Europe, rip - extremely popular commentary on the content of the news / write about someone's death.

Interesting facts

rip The word has several meanings:

1. Routing Information Protocol - a term from the field of information technology, "computer".In this case, the rip means "routing protocols in computer networks."That is a protocol that allows dignamicheski receive new routing information.

2. Resin Impregnated Paper - paper insulation is impregnated with resin.It is also used in writing "RIP-isolation."

3. Raster Image Processor - typographic term literally - processor printer.

4. rip, ripping - the English verb, refers to the process of transferring information from the media to a specific file on disk zhetskom.Distributed as a clarification to the type of film on torrent trackers, for example, DVDrip (a copy of the DVD-ROM), BDrip (a copy of the Blu-ray disc), HDrip (high definition copy of the file), etc.

Well-known Jack the Ripper in the original writing - Jack the Ripper.

5. rip - also the English verb literally means "break."

6. receptor interacting protein - a term from molecular biology.It means a protein that interacts with the TNF receptor.

7. Rip Van Vickle - hunter, a character of the story of the American writer Washington Irving.