Types of euthanasia

In order to answer the question of whether Russia is legal euthanasia, it is necessary to determine the accuracy of terminology.The fact that there are so-called passive and active euthanasia.

passive euthanasia called off sick from aids or termination of drug delivery, artificial life support patient.For example, the ventilator.

Active euthanasia - is killing the patient, which is directly involved doctor or anyone else.For example, the deliberate introduction of a patient a lethal dose of certain drugs.

Active euthanasia is prohibited by law in Russia on the basis of Article 45 of the Federal Law № 323 "On the basis of health protection in the Russian Federation."According to the text, the document, the physician has no right "to respond to requests
to expedite the patient's death by any act or means."At the same time "voluntary renunciation of medical care 'is not prohibited, it automatically assumes a legitimate opportunity to passive euthanasia.
Opponents of the legalization of euthanasia believe that in Russia such a permit may result in a lot of abuse.

International law

In some countries, euthanasia is legal.The first country to legalize voluntary renunciation of life for the terminally ill, experiencing unbearable suffering, become the Netherlands.Euthanasia has been authorized in accordance with the decision of the court Verhovsnogo country in 1984.Since 2002, a similar decision was taken by the Belgian legislature.Another country where you can legally painless escape from life with the help of a doctor - Luxembourg.

on the territory of the United States in some states euthanasia is acceptable, while others will be prosecuted.So, in the states of Oregon and Washington, doctors have the right to have a patient in the terminal stage of assistance in committing suicide.At the same time in Georgia there is a special law prohibiting euthanasia.
In 1991-1992, a survey was conducted among Russian doctors on the topic "Do you support euthanasia."49% of physicians aged 21-30 years responded "Yes."

question of legalization in Russia

In April 2007, a deputy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bashkortostan Edward Murzin has made a proposal to the Russian Criminal Code amendments related to the possible legalization of euthanasia.In the same period, the Federation Council of the Russian Federation prepared a draft law on the legalization of the "good death."The document caused a stormy discussion in society and the media and has not been adopted.