For the "servants of the people" it is normal to say one thing and do another, that is something that is beneficial to them personally.

in what appears double standards

most striking example of the judicial system, is now being investigated for embezzlement case in the Ministry of Defense.Under house arrest is the lady that owned large apartment in central Moscow.In the village, or just in the province for stealing potatoes from a common basement thieves taken into custody, and they get a real prison terms.Moreover, potato and taken away, and the penalty will be discharged.However, the stolen billions of dollars into the coffers of the state do not return, and the property can not be confiscated.

If ordinary people to hunt in protected areas can not
be, the powers that be allowed even at home in the environmental area to build.On the shore of the sea or other body of water, they can isolate the area so that the population of the nearest settlements do not have access to water.A water resources we are state-owned and publicly available. Vividly look mansions worth millions of euros when the salary of the people will make such savings for hundreds of years. leader of one of the factions, a very famous politician, broadcasts from the screens of the sanctity of family ties, and he himself married a fourth time, last wife of 30 years younger.Such examples are a great multitude, when uttered slogans in the election program of sharply at odds with reality.

of double standards, if for a moment imagine "theirĀ»

In the example you can put the EU and the United States.Especially in the states.When "our" state favorable situation, it recognizes the legitimacy and legality of the event, if not profitable, once sanctions against 'disobedient' are introduced.With the proclamation of democracy and freedom dictate the rules of conduct to others, not even trying to somehow disguise the obvious discrepancy between the actions of its postulates.

It turns out that, where anything can profit well all that you can use to your advantage.That is, the need to spread democracy where there is wealth.If all this can be forward to their country, the one that is chosen as a target, just disappear, "Human Rights", which should "restore". Iraq has oil, but "democracy" no, here it turns out that oil rigs are moving into the hands of businessmen from the United States. is possible even with the help of bombs on the heads of any innocent civilians.The indivisibility of the territory recognized where the territory by the United States would not have prevented, and which is beneficial to the country split, any, even the illegal separation of land is considered to be a legitimate reason.Example - Kosovo in Serbia, where Kosovars only guests, the land from the Serbs, and the Crimea, to return to Russia.