First of all, never give up on their decisions.If you decide you want to leave with the man - follow this decision, by all means, not indulging their weaknesses and desires.Ask yourself honestly to the question of whether you can release the person, with whom he lived for a while, and start a new life.
Try seriously and talk quietly with your partner - if the relationship is outdated, both of you will feel relief from their end.Be honest with your partner - tell him that you do not see the future prospects of your future together, but emphasize that you still respect and appreciat
e a man who lived next to you.
After parting try not to face former partner - no contact with him, he did not call or write.Even if you live for some reason, in the same room, settled in different rooms and the division of property.
If you want to maintain friendly relations with the former parnterom, wait a long time until the pain of separation does not subside, and only then try to resume relations.
For proper and final farewell to a man be honest, not only with him but with him.Be aware of his motives, do not make rash and impulsive actions, do not deny the obvious.
Do not be afraid of the unknown - even if now you will experience the pain of separation, the joy of new friendships and new experiences in life drown it.Always give voice to the decision about the separation - yourself first, and then partner.
Do not try to hold back problems - do as you see fit, and explain the reasons for their actions.Do not forget to show respect for your partner, even if it offended you - such an attitude says a lot about your inner dignity.Start a new life and let go of the past - and not separation will seem so negative event.