emergence of the idea of ​​a UN

idea of ​​creating the United Nations arose during the Second World War.It discussed the implementation of the leaders, incoming coalition against Hitler and the Nazis almost from the beginning of hostilities.

meeting, considered the first influenced the creation of the United Nations was held August 14, 1941.She walked into the Atlantic Ocean on board the ship, and therefore the document signed there, called the Atlantic Charter.It took the leaders of the two countries - the US and the UK - FDRoosevelt and Churchill.

January 1, 1942.This date was marked by a meeting of the four countries - the United States, Soviet Union, Great Britain and China.Then it signed the first version of the Declaration of the United Nations.January 2 The document was signed by representativ
es of 22 other countries.

October 30, 1943.On this day, the leaders of the drafters of the Declaration, he signed another declaration - Moscow.As they agreed that the new organization responsible for world security will be established after the war.

summer and fall of 1944.Representatives of the drafters of the Declaration of working to develop goals, objectives and principles of the United Nations.

February 11, 1945.He held a meeting in Yalta.At this meeting, it was announced on the final intention to create the United Nations.Further develop the concept of the organization.

The idea of ​​creating a UN

very name of the United Nations appeared in 1942.Proposed Franklin D. Roosevelt had it, died a few weeks before the signing of the documents on the establishment of the United Nations.All the participating countries considered the name of a clear and defining organizational goals and signed the Charter of the new organization at a conference in San Francisco, held from April to June 1945.

Initially the document was signed by conference participants, representing 26 countries.By June 26, 1945 the number had risen to 50. Poland acceded to the United Nations before the beginning of its activity - October 15, 1945.At present, the United Nations has 193 member of the party.

Due Charter entered October 24, 1945.This day is celebrated worldwide as the birthday of the United Nations.

Brief information about the UN

organizational structure consists of six departments under the control of the Secretary General.

1. The Secretary-General - is the leader of the United Nations, who is elected for five years.Since 2007 he is Ban Ki-moon of the Republic of Korea.

2. The General Assembly - including representatives of all the member countries of the UN.This is the main deliberative and representative body.

3. The Security Council - is responsible for the maintenance of security and peace.Security creates the sanctions and conduct peacekeeping military operations.Permanent member countries units - Russia, China, France, the US and Britain.There are also 10 temporary members elected every two years.

4. International Court of Justice - is responsible for the resolution of disputes on a worldwide level.

5. The Trusteeship Council - governs the Trust Territories.

6. The Economic and Social Council - is responsible for coordinating UN staff in the areas represented.

7. Secretariat - working to ensure the work of the UN.