In preparation Speak the number of delegations, taking into account the fact that the operational issues are resolved more quickly than it less.Also, pick up the participants of you to the number of them was about the same as that of those you'll meet.Discuss what language to be negotiated and prepare the interpreter even if guests arrive with her.
Learn about the issues that are competent to deal with one or the other member of the delegation, as the West is very strictly enforced subordination.You have to referring to someone of the guests to be sure that his duties, he has the right to give information.
discuss in advance the question
s that will need to be addressed and prepare all materials that may be required.Discuss what documents will be signed after the talks.Agree on the mode of carrying out - how much they will begin as and when they take breaks.
If the delegation is headed by quite a significant person, send an invitation as soon as possible to emphasize the respect and increase the likelihood that the visit will take place and this person will not be scheduled other meetings at this time.
Prepare a separate, comfortable meeting room, consider that each participant was given a comfortable place.Take stock of soft drinks, coffee, biscuits and take care of a beautiful dish.Do not forget to put the ashtray, if you do not mind that, during the meeting participants could smoke.
Agree whether to record the negotiations, the agreement should give both sides.Consider that guests were planted facing the door, this psychological trick will make them feel more relaxed.And agreed to during the meeting you are not distracted by phone calls.
delegation met and to hold it in place and talks better than a pretty girl smiling.It can be expected guests in the lobby of the building, which will be negotiated.When guests come to the meeting place, must immediately submit two delegations to each other, so that those who want to sit down, could do it.