first way to deal with various rumors (some kind of prophylactic) - is the creation of reputation, which are at the heart of integrity and responsibility.If the detractors will dismiss rumors of such a person, the majority of others simply will not believe it, knowing you as a reliable and decent man.
But if others still believe in dubious stories about you, let them in the course of the method of "intelligence."Find out at loved ones what they say about you, who spread this information.
obtain the necessary data, analyze the situation.Rumors rarely occur in a vacuum.Distributor gossip often uses the formula of persua
sion "well-known known fact + his perverse interpretation."Chances are, you unwittingly provoked the emergence of rumors by some imprudent action or misinterpreted.
Calculating the very well-known fact, which held hearings, open public its true value.Public speaking to employees or friends to organize is not necessary (although the effective method of dealing with rumors successfully used by many celebrities).But you, being unprepared for the social action of this kind can appear as a man is justified.This will further strengthen the rumors.
simply told about the true situation man who can not keep a secret for more than five minutes.And very soon everyone will know your story.Properly formulated and believable information immediately replace the ridiculous gossip.
But if your opponent will take retaliatory steps and launch new gossip resort to extreme measures.The most effective way to stop gossip - discredit the accuser in the eyes of others.Gently remind people that the person to whom they are so utterly trust, has repeatedly been involved in several unseemly incidents (here recall his old sins).Use only reliable information is not embellish or add anything on my own, otherwise you will get down to his level.But feeling sorry for these people is also not necessary, sinceits dirty tricks they have spoiled the lives of many people and they deserve a fair judgment.
Pay attention, that today you have become a victim of this vile lie intriguing, and tomorrow at your place could be any of them.