EU imposed sanctions against certain representatives of Russia and Ukraine.This list includes 33 people.For them, a ban on visas to the EU.In addition, the assets of officials have been frozen.According to preliminary data, it became known that these sanctions will only work for six months, ie until September 2014.Canada also chose to produce freezing assets of officials in the event of detection, as well as barred from entering their country of some politicians in Russia and Ukraine.
sanctions planned by France, implied termination of the contract for the supply of the Navy Russia vertoletonosnyh ships docks.The contract was valued at $ 1.2 billion. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius said that if Putin will not stop the implementa
tion of its activities, the supply will be canceled.In addition to the termination of his contract, the French are called to do the same, and the British.
Tokyo previously negotiated with the Russian Federation on visa facilitation, for some investments, the use of outer space for peaceful purposes, as well as on the prevention of military activity that could pose a threat.Now those talks have been suspended.The Japanese now carefully watching to see how such a political situation may affect the supply of Russian oil and gas in that country.
Australia came from Russian and Ukrainian officials involved in the conduct of the occupation of Russian politics, threatening the integrity of Ukraine almost the same way that the European Union and Canada.The politician was denied entry to the country.Furthermore, they were put against and financial penalties.The list of entities subject to the measures, included 12 people.But Switzerland has chosen not to intervene in the conflict and refrained from imposing sanctions against Russia, wanting to preserve neutrality.
Not long ago, Serbia has received a recommendation from the European Union regarding the supply of certain products in Russia.Serbian officials have decided that the sanctions against the Russian Federation to introduce yet will not be, but also subsidies for exports will not provide.Dragan Marshichanin, a member of the non-parliamentary opposition Democratic Party of Serbia, confident that such actions could be called a sort of mild sanctions, and journalists argue that this decision will adversely affect the economy of Serbia.