event in your life - found an old friend.It has long been interrupted connection is about to be resumed, and just need to decide to make the first step towards the long-awaited meeting ...
First of all, if you want to remind yourself about , think through what you want to say.If this was a close friend who has lost the connection, do not need a reason - you just tell me what happened in the time, until you've seen: the news at work, personal life, travel, achievement.Optional start with ostentation, but a piece of personal information ingratiate himself interlocutor.
to other friends need a reason.Meeting of schoolmates, classmates and co-workers - is a collection of some common issue, whether it's a hike to the former school, going to visit a teacher, supervisor or boss.There excuse is obvious - contact friend boldly invited him to a meeting, and start up a conversation itself.
And how to chat with old friends?Ways to contact a lot now, but sometimes not all relevant.
Social networks - probably does not know about them just lazy.In the "Classmates" and "OpenID" you can find anyone to learn along the way about all the relatives and acquaintances.Write a message old friend , designate who you are.The conversation is likely to start up by itself.But Friend engraved not worth it - better to ask to meet, if you are in the same city.By the way, a trip to the city where he lives an old friend - an excellent opportunity for a meeting.
a regular phone call.What could be simpler?Dial the number of an old friend, introduce yourself, and be sure to ask whether he has time to talk.You can assign a kind of "telephone meeting" at a convenient time for both.The man has time to think, prepare and decide what he wanted (and wants it at all) you speak.
And most importantly - if the communication with others, halt your fault, is honestly tell what caused such a long break in communication.We are all people, and all have their own reasons for some time not to communicate with the world, and including relatives and old friends.Explain, and you will understand.