To begin to understand there is a difference in terms of "mate" and "bad word."In Russian, there is quite an extensive amount of swear words that are obscene, abusive, unprintable.Most of them are considered indecent, and not always in time, even had the connotation of praise.Today, among the curses allocate a separate group, called the abusive words.
Traditionally mat are abusive names of genitals and their parts, as well as the process of copulation.Furthermore, obscene considered all possible modifications and smoothed forms of these words.At the time, Dal, collecting material for his explanatory dictionary, does not emit foul language in a separate category in its reco
rds they existed along with all domestic expressions.
Following the definition of foul language, it should be noted that the word "bitch" is not obscene, it's just the name of sex dogs.Male - "male" female, respectively, "Bitch."Just as there is a division between "cat" and "cat", "bull" and "cow", "sheep" and "sheep".
Strictly speaking, the word is not even a curse, because these include expressing derogatory, abusive, humiliating.Their list can be found in a special department dictionaries, but "a bitch" was not found.Otherwise, there also had to include the word "goat", "horse", "pig" and many others.
However, as it happened, and the reasons for this may be a topic for a study that related to the word "bitch" special.And so the person called is much more offensive than "dog" or "of dog."That is why today there is an error, that this concept relates to the abusive.Of course, at this stage of the development of language it is not, although over time "bitch" could migrate to the section of foul language, such examples already exist in history.
prerequisites for such a transition, there are pretty good.For example, you can find even in serious publications about dog breeding puppies in a division "Kobelkov" and "bitches" and the "boys" and "girls", which by definition is not true, as the boys and girls - it's all the same people.Such reassurance called hypercorrection, but a perceived mismatch adequately.
Going this route, many of today's online edition of the grammar and other language sections, referring to the definition of the word "bitch" are already using two interpretations:
- female dog;
- frivolous voluptuous woman (rude).

But even that is not in any way brings the word to the obscene.