first incident took place before the beginning of the action.Police representatives from the organizers of the "March of millions" were removed three tents.They tried to bring to the area discreetly, in garbage cans.
As stated by law enforcement agencies in Moscow, it was also found an unknown device, which was originally made for a smoke bomb and pyatidesyatimillimetrovye tube with powder charges.Moreover, the appointment was not civil, but rather war.It's obviously been a special fireworks use.
approximately at 16:00 Moscow time participants in the "March of Millions" gathered at the Kaluga area, and then formed a column and began to move in the direction of the Swamp.It is believed that the action was attended by a total of about 30 000 people.
himself rally lasted several tens of minutes.During parties it was an attempt to break the disengagement to begin to move in the direction of Red Square.Began detention.
In addition, some people participating in the procession tried to organize a sit-in near the cinema "Drummer".These actions were stopped by police.Were detained politician Boris Nemtsov, blogger Alexei Navalny and the leader of the Left Front Sergei Udaltsov, as well as other persons not known to a wide circle of people.During the clashes occurred injuring several police officers.
Unfortunately, there were no fatal accident.During the "March of Millions" in central Moscow killed a photographer trying to capture on film the procession.
As stated in the Moscow police, an unidentified man with an amateur camera climbed the stairs at home B.Yakimanka 35. In the area of ​​5-6 floors, he fell down the stairs and died at the scene from his injuries.This is the law enforcement agencies said the witnesses the incident.
After the rally, the police blocked all approaches to the Manezhnaya and the Red Square, and closed all the passages in the nearby side streets.