Background War

1803-1805 GGIt was a time of the Napoleonic wars, which have been involved in many European countries.Do not stay aside and Russia.Created anti-Napoleonic coalition of Russia, Britain, Sweden, the Kingdom of Naples.

Napoleon slowly but surely spreading their aggression in Europe in 1810 and has openly declared a desire for world domination.At the same time his main adversary called the French Emperor Alexander I, who was at that time on the Russian throne.

In the last years before the war of 1812, Napoleon, ready for battle, trying to find allies.It attempts to create an anti-Russian coalition, for this is the secret treaties with Austria and Prussia.In addition, the emperor of France is trying to win over Sweden and Turkey, but to no avail.Russia signed on the eve of the war a secret trea
ty with Sweden and signed a peace treaty with Turkey.

also influenced the negative attitude to Russia from France and even the fact that Napoleon, wishing to reaffirm its legitimacy, sought a bride of royal family.The choice fell on Russia.However, by Alexander received a polite refusal.

beginning of the war

in June 1812 in St. Petersburg the French ambassador handed the Foreign Ministry a note of the severance of diplomatic relations.War became inevitable.

At dawn on June 12, 1812 the French army crossed the river Neman.To attack the Emperor Napoleon chose the direction of Moscow.It is explained by the fact that he took Moscow, he gets hold of the heart of Russia.Alexander I at that time was in Vilna.Russian Emperor sent to the French emperor Adjutant General A.Balashova for a peaceful settlement of the conflict.However, Napoleon offered him the right to point the way to Moscow.On this Balashov retorted: "Carl went through 12 Poltava."

Thus, faced two powerful nations.Russia has had an army of half French.It is divided into three major parts.In-Chief Mikhail Kutuzov was.His role in winning is paramount.

Napoleonic army consisted of 600 thousand. Soldiers who steeled to the 1812 battle, as well as the commanders of the wise, among which the Emperor himself.However, the Russian side had one distinct advantage - patriotism, which ultimately helped win the war, which was called the Patriotic.