First of all, remember the number of the car, driven by a driver to whom you would like to complain.This room is located on the front, back, and sometimes on the side of the public transport.
next step - to call the city hotline numbers of the Urban Transport in your city.In Moscow, for example, is Mosgortrans.When you call on the phone, introduce yourself to the operator as anonymous calls from citizens are not accepted.Then, explain the problem, call the data of car tools, the time when the accident occurred, recounted.
You can also send a written complaint to this Office on the driver.Write a letter of complaint detailing the situation of road funds, time incident.Send a le
tter with acknowledgment of its receipt.In this letter the management of urban transport upon receipt of an obligation to respond to you within a month.
There is one department in charge of transport.The Office of Transport and Communications of your city, region.In this department you can also send a written complaint by registered mail or by e-mail to the website of the Department.
Report on the driver-ham can be to the mayor of the city in which you live.Please send your complaint to the department appeals to citizens.It redirected at the department that deals with resolving the issue of urban transport.
If scandalous illegal situation when the driver was attended by other passengers or witnesses of the conflict - they ask you to leave your contact information so you can get their support in the course of proceedings.After all, maybe it goes to court.Usually the drivers responsible are subject to administrative reprimand from his superiors, deprivation of bonuses, up to dismissal.