conducted surveys.This is the surest way to determine accurate and level breeding rights.It is suitable for all age groups, questioning can take place both students and adults, such as during interviews.
Find questionnaire, the right for you.It should identify specific / desired criteria breeding .In this you can all sorts of psychological techniques, they can be used to determine many things, not knowing the person.Therefore, thorough approach to the choice.
Ask the person who pa
sses the test, answer it as soon as possible genuine.After all, the answers will be more truthful, more accurate and more reliable is their result.With the help of tests and questionnaires check usually following criteria breeding : a sense of duty and responsibility, thrift, discipline, attitude to study / work related to public work, teamwork, camaraderie, kindness, compassion, honesty, fairness, communication, shy,creativity and level culture.
Analyze the receipt of a completed application form with the passed test.For this again resort to methods of psychoanalysis, they must be described by way of analyzing the data.For example, the addition of each individual criterion of the number of points and the identification of results from them.Or, on the contrary, the addition of the results of the identification of the overall result of the test.It depends on which test you choose.
Make a general characteristic of level breeding personality in accordance with the results of the analysis of tests passed.This will help you in determining the personality and her character.Level breeding , resulting, will help you determine whether a person work in a team, or better enable it to self-realization.