Where did the expression "golden billion»

authorship of the expression is unknown.Some researchers have attributed the term "golden billion" Paul Ehrlich.Mass, this expression was used around 2000.He popularized the expression SGKara-Murza - a scientist, a political scientist and publicist.

«golden billion" - the total population of the developed countries: USA, Canada, Australia, European Union, Japan, Israel and South Korea.

the basis of expression laid the idea of ​​progress and prosperity of a small number of people on the planet, as the Earth's natural resources are very limited.

preconditions for the emergence of the term "golden billion»

ideas that natural wealth is not enough a
t all, first appeared in 1798 in the works T.Maltusa - English demographer and economist.Thomas Malthus in his "Essay on the Principle of Population," predicted global catastrophe, since, according to his theory, the population is increasing faster than production resources.Malthus's theory was that the smaller the population of the Earth, the higher the average income per capita.

But T.Maltus could not foresee the industrialization of the 20th century.It is in this century there was a sharp jump in productivity in agriculture and industry, were obtained new kinds of materials and raw materials.In many industries, has replaced natural materials to synthetic materials.Increased mining.

Conspiracy Theory

In a number of developed countries are common idea of ​​manipulating public consciousness.This idea is that there should be a steady growth of prosperity in these countries.For emerging economies need to create obstacles to the independent development and existence.

Some authors believe that the term "golden billion" hides the whole geopolitical and economic system - a country with high living standards have all possible measures (political, economic, military) to keep the rest of the state as providers of natural resources and cheap labor.

The main essence of the concept is to create a one world government which will redistribute the natural resources at the disposal of the twenty developed countries.

From this arose the concept of "globalization" - the process of exposure to various factors of international importance: economic and political relations of individual countries, their cultural and information cooperation.The concept of "globalization" is based on the theory that the development of financial institutions should not be limited by geographical boundaries, that is, the domestic economy of any country should be dependent on financial supranational structures.