Try to solve the problem with the waiter.Keep in mind that the issue of broken dishes, cold dishes or replacement of devices does not require intervention of a superior in the hierarchy of the restaurant business employee.Another thing, if there was a substitution of expensive alcoholic drinks for cheaper, or the composition of food does not match the menu.Keep in mind that the duties of the administrator is to control over the work of waiters, bartenders, cleaners, kitchen workers, security guards and cloakroom.Any of the issues associated with these kinds of services, you can decide to administrator .
Ask the waiter to call you administrator.Introduce describe a situation that requires its intervention, explain what you do not like to m
aintain.Try to be calm, do not start themselves and others.If you are unhappy with the service, ask for a different waiter.
not respond to outright rudeness.Remember that in decent schools for recruitment Applicants very high demands.Therefore, if your claims are ignored, do not try to resolve the conflict situation, it speaks primarily about class institution.
Notice how the administrator responds to your claim.If you learn that instead of expensive French brandy you brought a drink of unknown origin, the administrator did not show surprise or indignation, it is possible it is common practice for this institution.Indignant and promised that soon will close the institution does not make sense to better reflect this fact in the book of complaints and appeal to the supervisory authorities.To confirm entry of a claim in the book of complaints take a picture on a mobile phone.
thanked the Administrator, if it helped you to solve the problem and make your stay more comfortable in the restaurant.