to start changing their attitudes towards people with, stop thinking ill of them.Do not look for their faults - on the contrary, try to see in the surrounding something good.You do not have to dissemble, to portray kindness and involvement, you do not really feel.People will subconsciously feel your lies, so nothing good will come of it.
Lack of respect is often accompanied by a feeling of indifference.If you no matter what happens to a person, what he thinks and what he lives, you will be hard to learn how to respect it - if only because of him that you do not know anything.Respect for something - that is, for some quality achievements
.Faced with a man, try to show interest in him.Try to understand what the other person that he is interested in.Feeling friendly interest in him, the man will be revealed, it will be pulled to meet you.
sincere interest in people is the key to the establishment of good relations with them.The better you get to know a person, the more you will have reason to respect him.It is important to notice is his good points and ignore the negative.Based on the fact that every person, including you, have some disadvantages.Understand these disadvantages, but no one ever for them, do not judge.
One reason for the lack of respect for people is their own pride, forcing exalt themselves and in what do not put other people.If you think of yourself is worse, it is an alarming sign.The correct approach is to see the differences between people, but do these differences surrounding the criteria for separating those who have worse or better.Recognize the dignity of people, be able to see their shortcomings.But at the same time treat them as equal to you.This approach will allow you the same respect, as equals, and to talk with the poor and with the President.
From the previous paragraph you can make another conclusion - do not despise you.If you have such a character trait, get rid of it.Do not rush to extremes, to everyone, including to himself, exactly the same.Do not look at anyone with envy and reverence, but do not let to someone else contempt.This will allow you to better treat people as a habit disappear evaluate, compare.You will not feel inferior or superior to another person, that the most positive impact on your relationships with others.