all business conversations need to be carried out in the morning.Preferably well in advance to collect all the necessary papers and documents, analytical reports, as well as options for the outcomes of business negotiations, and your behavior in these cases.

phone number should be entered accurately.If an error occurs, you can cover the insults, and your mood before an important business discussion will be completely ruined.

In a telephone conversation it is imperative to introduce - state your full name, last name and patronymic in the beginning of the conversation, then you can count on the attention to themselves and receive more complete and accurate information.If the call is addressed to a Friend person should immediately call him by name.In conversation with a stranger is to ask his name.

According to the rules of etiquette in the beginning of the conversation should be

clarified at the interlocutor, whether it is convenient at this point to have a conversation or better to call back later.However, to have some assertiveness still worth it, because shyness and determination, reduce your credibility and could harm business.

The quickest way to gain the interlocutor - say a nice word or phrase.

properly talk on the phone will help you exact phrases.You should be able to express their own thoughts and interest of the interlocutor.It is advisable to always improve his speech - it is more accurately describes the man.

According to experts, it is believed that the tone is able to transfer up to 30 percent of all information.Therefore own intonation is quite helpful.The tone of voice should convey goodwill and certain rigor.For example, a low tone of voice has a great confidence in business talk, is not conducive to the monotonous interest interlocutor, but the pause is to eat a little to think about and give all the above weight.

important part of any conversation is the ability to listen carefully.In a conversation with the person must not only speak but also to listen.No need to interrupt, argue and argue openly.Well it promotes full understanding method of repetition of key phrases of the interlocutor, in the event that they are similar to your opinion.