the Upper Chamber of the Federal Assembly of the Council of Federation is considered.Its powers are defined in Article №102 of the Russian Constitution.It is responsible for questions about the boundaries between the regions, and the introduction of military emergency in the country, the use of the army outside the borders of Russia.In the competence of the Federation Council of the appointment of judges of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts, the Prosecutor General and his deputies, the Deputy Chairman of the Accounting Chamber and its auditors.The Federation Council appoints presidential elections and may consider his removal from office.
Federation Council - Chamber of Regions of the Russian Federation.Under the Constitution, it consis
ts of two people from each region of the country.One is a federal executive authority of the subject, the other - representative body.The procedure for forming the Federation Council changed several times.Currently, he is defined by federal law, which came into force in December 2012.
State Duma considered by the lower house of the Federal Assembly.Its competence is defined in Article №103 of the Russian Constitution.According to this article, the State Duma of the Russian Federation agrees to the appointment of the President, Prime Minister or deny him in this.It hears the report of the Government of the Russian Federation and may consider credibility.The State Duma is appointed and dismissed by the Commissioner for Human Rights, the Chairman of the Central Bank and the Accounting Chamber and half of the latter.The State Duma declares amnesty in the country.In addition, the body may be brought against the President of the Russian Federation for the no-confidence vote to remove him from office.
formed by the State Duma elections.From 2007 to 2011, conducted the election of deputies by party lists.On came into force in February 2014 the new law, members of the State Duma of the next convocation will be elected by a mixed system.That is half of the 225 deputies or payroll will be elected on party lists and the other half of the composition - in single-mandate constituencies.
prerogative of the Federal Assembly - the adoption of laws.Draft laws come into the State Duma.Approved by the State Duma legislation sent to the Federation Council, which can either approve or reject it.If the Federation Council rejected the law, both chambers have the right to create a conciliation commission to overcome the differences.