Every cent counts.Among dollar millionaires is not such a large percentage of people who litter the money.Visits to clubs, drinking expensive and frivolous girls - it's not about them.People leading a life most children are either millionaires or even millions are irrelevant.The one who accumulated their own state, such waste can not afford.Dollar millionaires often have a good car, but without the frills.They do not want to stick out his fortune, and the tax on luxury not all eager to pay.Also, many people live in a neat but small house.Huge housing - it's always a great expense, and even servants need to contain.Millionaires know that capital is obtained in the case where revenue exceeds expenses.
Moderate investment in self-education.True mill
ionaires rarely have academic degrees.Many of them have not even graduated from university.And, of course, millionaires rarely without a goal seeking all sorts of courses for personal growth.Of course, wealthy people invest in their own education and the education of children, but each received their knowledge should be applied in practice and generate profits far in excess of the cost of training.By the way, children's education millionaires do not hesitate to spend money.But let their offspring spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on entertainment, few rich people will allow.Unless, of course, I got a million of his own hard work.
Happy monogamy.Rare millionaire lifestyle is unbridled.Steady relations with a large number of women - an additional stress, the elapsed time that rich people are very much appreciated, and the additional costs.Seven Millionaires perceived as a place where you can relax on external issues and put himself in a harmonious state.