To start, make a plan, which mark the introduction, body and conclusion - both in the book.As much as no such plans emanated from school and literature, you still taught this for a reason.Taking care of the logic necessary to advance carefully weighing all the parts of your speech, so as not to confuse the audience and make their opinion about your person as a person who loves himself entangled and confusing others.Believe me, even the most creative people who love to ignore established standards, are very fond of logic and need it, when it comes to their new information.
Note its positive side, but do not forget about the negative - the most harmless, that only "set off" your perfect.Id
eal people do not happen, and the audience will be especially annoying if you start to overwhelm them with information about their great achievements and best character traits.They'll think you've come just to brag.Be honest and objective, but does not go too far: it is not necessary to confess all their sins.Show people that you are the same person, but it has the full required qualities in the community.
During the self does not stand as a stump - gesticulate, smile, connect mimku.Stay a little actor, entertain the audience, and then the process will go faster and more interesting both for you and for your audience.Take care, however, again in advance by what gestures you use: choice of means will be determined by the environment where you were, and formats of communication.Do not forget about it.If you are a university students do not have to wave your hands and run through the audience dressed as a rooster.But if you knock on a humorous show, advocating that you took to the participants, it is possible to have fun and revel in full - there is this from you and waiting.
Although you present yourself on words , you need to take care about the image.The image may spoil the impression of your speech.Remember that meet on clothes, and only have the mind escort.Odyozhku pick up in advance.No need to spend all the money on the things of the world designers, enough to dress tastefully, clean and not to forget that the clothes should fit circumstances.When you get to speak in all its shining uniforms, speak with feeling, really, with the arrangement that your intention is clearly expressed not only in your dress but also in your words .
Before you go to the people, rehearse the performance several times.Do not neglect the practice of extra - it is still anybody and never harmed.Maybe, reading your pieces of music, you will encounter some shortcomings which have to correct with a pen in his hand, or you can simply bypass them when you speak.Moreover, rehearsed a few times, you just "enter into the way" before the show, so it's best to do the night before the big day.