Think that being late, you are literally stealing other people's time.The rhythm of modern life is that many people working day painted by the minute.Therefore, a responsible person, came to the meeting on time and not finding you there, it has the right to take offense - it loses the time which could be better spent.It turns out that you value their time much longer than the one who is waiting for you.Anyone who has come in time, able to plan your parish, to sacrifice something, but it was in vain waste.

In addition, the delay - it is a manifestation of elemental disrespect to the partner.This is not only a business relationship, but assignation.No one believes the women's style of late for half an hour or more sw
eet and innocent.No wonder they say that the politeness of kings - is accurate.The habit of being late is peculiar to people who can not plan your time, disorganized and rude.

Disorderly and negligence - it is a lie and deception partner.If we imagine that for every delay you pay a large fine, admitted that it is unlikely you would do it.Many of force majeure, which is constantly referred late, can be provided and taken into account.

one who used to be late, constantly in danger sooner or later be punished and punished severely.If you do not develop the vital need to be at the appointed place on time, you may be late for the interview and lose a prestigious job, lose a good deal, your train is literally and figuratively can leave without you.

But if you are not depending on the circumstances, you still have to be late, good tone will alert a partner about what happened and to express the time delay, apologized to him.Appearing at the meeting late, be prepared to immediately begin work to smooth the negative, caused by your absence in due time.