concept of the welfare state Social

called constitutional state with a strong civil society, which is based on the principles of equality and freedom, transcending class, social justice and provide social rights.

rule of law and the welfare state are integrated, since the development of the legal system is only possible in a civilized society, and the ordering and development of social relations takes place under the influence of the legal system.The main task of the welfare state is to ensure that both social and economic rights, including the right to work and justice for all citizens of working conditions, a decent living wage, social security and others.

Signs welfare state

welfare state is the superclassthat is its focus on the organization of a normal life and development of society as a whole, the protecti
on of human rights, respect for freedoms and legitimate interests of all citizens and peoples.A similar system of government to avoid social tensions.

also for the welfare state is characterized by a developed civil society, which creates wealth, and other values.That such a society is the basis of existence and development of a civilized state with a democratic regime authority.

in developed society no unjustified social differences, the state apparatus provide decent living conditions of citizens, providing social security to the population, it produces and distributes economic benefits equally to all citizens.In the state there is a free economic activity, but legally regulated in the public interest.

The welfare state emerges and develops the so-called "middle class", which is a part of society and to ensure to the extent that does not feel the need for a necessary, but not rich enough to afford to excesses.This factor is not in any way is not negative, since the existence of the "middle class" is a guarantee of high production and economic stability in the country, a sufficient level of income per capita, low unemployment, and legal compliance.