Fold the napkin in a simple manner.Standard version ornaments - napkin in the shape of the envelope.A folded napkin bend from one side to the half, turn upside down and bend angles.The resulting envelope insert cutlery (fork, knife).Such a method is appropriate at official receptions.
Arrange the table napkins in the romantic style.Napkins folded hearts, candles and flowers will decorate the dinner for two.Roses can be made by bending all the corners of the napkin to the center (to repeat the procedure for the other side) and form the petals from the wrong side.At the center of this beautiful place the napkin candle or vase with a flower.The folded napkin diagonally with bent corner and tightly curled into a tu
be like a candle.Heart can be obtained by minimizing the width of the cloth and the tilting edge of the center at right angles.Sharp corners gently bend, creating a rounded shape.
to decorate the dinner table with seafood in a nautical theme.Fold the napkin in the form of a sailing boat, boat, or fish - a great table decoration with fish dishes.Fold the napkin in half 2 times, bend the bottom half on the diagonal, corners bend forward design and turn the napkin back.Bend the corners and one pull "sail" - get a boat.Small fish make of the folded triangle of cloth you want to bend once more in width.On both sides of bend angles and connect the two halves.Inverted napkin is fish, which can be decorated with a beautiful sink.
napkins in the "royal" style.Elegant and solid feel attached table napkin in a fan shape, mantle, diamond or a lily."Fan" is easiest to do - accordion fold a napkin and secure the base."Mantle" is easy to make a diamond out of a folded napkin with curved corners, which are rolled into a tube.
interesting and unusual to decorate the table cloths need to experiment a little and choose the most suitable option.