There are a number of good reasons to choose this country as a country of permanent residence.The reasons for these economic problems.US tax system is designed in such a way that provides significant opportunities to create and develop their own business.There is extensive development of sports industry, which encourages people to lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of your health.
incomes of citizens in the United States are much higher than not only earnings in Russia, but, more importantly, exceed the costs of the American family.
Even pension funds represent a significant plus of American life, because it does not burn under any circumstances, and are transferred to the heirs.Naturally, in this case we are talking about those immigrants who managed to successfully settle, find a well-payin
g job or start their own business.
US - not paradise on earth, the risk of being marginalized from the Russian immigrants, as well as Native Americans, is large enough.Unlike their historical homeland is in the amount of available capacity, the reality of their use.
That is the first 3-5 years of residence in the country is crucial for Russian immigrants and the most difficult.In fact, there is no time to enjoy the American dream, is required not only to arrange accommodation and get a job.Equally important is the process of cultural acclimatization.Like any other country, the culture, the American culture specific.Ignorance of the country's traditions and norms of behavior in certain circumstances, and sometimes elementary turns of speech can lead to very unpleasant consequences.The most common situation when Russian emigrants face the negative part of the Americans, are connected with their behavior acceptable to the Russian reality, but unacceptable from the point of view of American behavioral norms.
After the adaptation period, the realities of life of Russian emigres in the United States depend entirely on how well the adjustment period has passed.
Among the advantages of living in the United States the availability of rental housing, making it easy to move around the country, the real employment opportunities, opportunities for self-development.In addition, currently the number of Russian immigrants in the US is so great that even while in a foreign country immigrants do not experience deficits in communication.