Sudetenland was the most developed industrial region of Czechoslovakia.It is home to more than 3 million ethnic Germans.Adolf Hitler came to power has repeatedly stated that the Sudeten Germans should be reunited in Germany.However, the real reason for such appeals reunification of Germany had economic interests in the region.
In mid-September 1938 the German government organized a rebellion among the living in the Sudetenland Germans, united in the Nazi Party.This incident became a pretext for Hitler to go to the open threats against the sovereign Czechos
lovakia.One of the requirements was the transfer of the German Fuhrer of the Czechoslovak territory.
political circles of the Western powers were not going to interfere with the plans of Hitler and even invented a term for future annexation, planning to seize land called the "principle of self-determination" of the Sudetenland.Britain and France hoped that loyal to German politics in Czechoslovakia will create a base for the subsequent invasion of the Nazis to the Soviet Union.
29-30 September 1938 in Munich, Bavaria held a meeting of heads of governments of several countries.Germany was represented by Hitler, Italy - Mussolini, France - Daladier, and the UK - Chamberlain.Representatives of Czechoslovakia at Munich did not attend, although matters discussed at the meeting directly concerned the fate of the state.
As a result of the political meeting on September 30 signed the so-called Munich Agreement, which enshrines the accession of the borderlands of Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany.The country was given ten days in which to clear the Sudetenland and handed over to the German authorities structures, strengthening transportation systems and factories, as well as stockpiles of weapons.
Czechoslovak government was forced to obey the agreement.As a result of treacherous conspiracy of the four powers, Czechoslovakia lost a fifth of its territory, where about 5 million people, including more than a million Slovaks and Czechs.Germany also went to about a third of the industrial potential of Czechoslovakia.
Munich Agreement marked the beginning of the elimination of the sovereignty of Czechoslovakia, which was finally lost in 1939 after a complete takeover of this country by Germany.The integrity of the state of Czechs and Slovaks was restored only by the complete defeat of Nazi Germany, in which the leading role played by the Soviet Union.