Mercy - one of the main Christian virtues, expression of love for one's neighbor, promoted by the New Testament.It does not matter which side is directed act of help - the poor or rich, healthy or crippled, beautiful or ugly.One manifestation of this is to feed the feelings of charity.Most scholars agree that serve indigent should be without any hesitation about whether to bring the benefit of the money.Christian compassion to all those in need, he shows kindness and attended to every person because he sees in him the image of the Lord.His act of mercy - this is not just a gesture shown by from time to time, but a way of thinking and lifestyle.
Church calls for a variety of material acts of mercy: feeding the hungry, clothe the naked, harbor stranger, visit the sick or the pr
isoner in jail.However, beyond these virtuous deeds valued spiritual charity, which is the admonition of sinners, educating the ignorant, comfort the sad, good counsel, pray for our neighbors, forgiveness caused resentment.Going from the heart of a sincere love for God must be given to men, each of which is worthy of compassion.
secular understanding of charity involves the same types of material and moral assistance and support.However, in contrast to the religious interpretations of the virtues it is guided by the idea of ​​rational humanism.The philanthropist does good for the purpose of improving the life of society.Helping the poor man rises, approaching the moral ideal, but it is not the main purpose of an act of compassion.Caring for the salvation of the soul in a secular world has given way to a practical purpose - to get rid of hunger, poverty, disease.In general, as a form of charity organized by the charity are not always interested in the thoughts of donors, she decides to specific social problems.Both secular and religious morality agree that true charity anonymously, it does not wait for a response.